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Web Development Solution

Custom Web Application Development:
Since not all off-the-shelf applications have all the bells and whistles that you need to optimize your workflow, Lskit can customize and integrate your existing applications to get the job done. We can customize your existing applications for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), E-Commerce, Interactive Gaming, Online Training & Courses, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and so much more.

No Cookie-Cutter Solutions :
Our expert Web Developers build, utilize, integrate, and customize the right tools, technologies, and frameworks to accomplish the goals that you’ve set forth. Whether you require Data Integration Services, Enterprise Application Integrations, Data Migrations & Upgrades, Implementation & Deployment, API Development & Integration, Quality Assurance, or more, we’ve got you covered.

Diverse Coding Experience :
From database design and web app development to system integrations and cloud consulting, our diverse team of Full-Stack Developers has the expertise to build your next software application. Our developers have many years of combined experience working with Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Objective-C, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, React.JS, Node.js.NET Framework, and so much more.

Maintenance, Monitoring, & Support :
Our expert Software Development Team provides ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and support to ensure that your custom websites and apps are working at optimal performance. Our Web Development Support and Maintenance Services include testing and debugging, updates and maintenance on security protocols, database maintenance, and so much more.

Lskit’s Web Development Solutions :
Our Full-Stack Web Developers have the programming expertise and industry-specific experience to build, integrate, and customize your website or application to align perfectly with your vision.
Web Application Development Services :
Our back-end developers are experts in Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, SQL, and more while our front-end designers are well-versed in using JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, and more.
Enterprise Web Development Solutions :
We use custom APIs and our vast knowledge of web services to build Enterprise Web Applications for digital marketing, CRM, inventory control, expedited workflows, and so much more. years.

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E-Commerce Solution

We have 7 years of experience working in a wide range of industries and sectors. We're equally comfortable designing E-commerce solutions for a local fruit shop or developing a resourceful e-commerce site for the main logistics company. We have an exclusive range of E-Commerce Web Development Solutions to suit every size, shape, and budget. Our templates are designed to make life easier for you so that your business doesn't take any more time or money from you. Internet growth has led to the rise of e-commerce websites. This is because it's now easier and cheaper than ever before to start an online business. It is estimated that in 2020, e-commerce will account for close to $1 trillion of global retail sales. E-commerce web development solutions are necessary for a successful online business. They include platforms, design templates, and plugins that can be used on a website for various purposes like selling products, managing inventory and customer data, etc. Boom Internet is an e-commerce solution provider in Bangladesh. It offers a range of services for customized E-Commerce website development and E-Commerce business solutions to help you build your own online shopping mall to sell unique products, services, and information over the Internet. Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced in E-commerce build, product management, payment gateway, Online Shop build, and many more. So we transform your ideas into amazing E-commerce website solutions and deliver them on time.

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PHP & Laravel Solution

There are a lot of ways to go about handling the PHP and Laravel solution process. We will be demonstrating how to use Composer to handle the installation of packages and requirements. We will be using MacOS for this tutorial because it has the simplest way to set up dependencies for a project. However, you can also do this on Linux or Windows by adjusting the terminal commands accordingly. When working with Composer, We recommend that you create a separate directory for your project inside your home directory (or any place outside your web root). This is not strictly necessary, but it can help prevent your development files from being overwritten by updates. PHP is a combination of HTML and JavaScript. It is a server-side programming language that allows you to create dynamic web pages. In this section, we will cover how to create dynamic web pages with behaviors and logic using PHP. Laravel is a free, open-source PHP framework for web development that provides robust features for creating modern web applications. Laravel has taken the PHP community by storm because it is so easy to use and provides tools that make development faster and more enjoyable. We have many years experience with PHP and Laravel. Within the last 60 months, We have completed over 800 projects using these technologies. We like to build functional, real-world solutions using Our knowledge and expertise in PHP & Laravel. Years.

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Complete Javascript Solution

Whether you require a newly developed website to enhance customer engagement, a web portal to improve visibility and organization, or a robust and feature-rich web app to automate business processes, Lskit has the solution. There are many ways to solve problems with JavaScript. We've put together a JavaScript solution that allows you and your followers to get automatic updates with the same information you enter on the website. You can either copy the code below or visit our JavaScript Solution page to view the documentation and download the files. Learning to code has become a must for everyone. Not only because you have to be a part of the workforce, but also because coding and programming skills are more valuable than ever. In this article, I will show how JavaScript can help you complete your project and make it easier. JavaScript will be a big focus of the new browser. JavaScript is increasingly being used to create more interactive user interfaces and websites. JavaScript will have an expanded API and new features that should make it easier for developers to build large-scale applications with complex, multithreaded logic. JavaScript’s object model has been updated to support class-like declarations and behavior, including getters/setters, constructors with prototype inheritance, and “this” binding to call methods on parent objects. JavaScript’s integer type has also been augmented with bitwise operations for better performance in intensive numerical workloads.

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CMS Solution

Lskit’s Custom CMS Solutions are SEO-friendly and success-driven, designed to integrate with an existing content management system to enhance and elevate your website, application, social media network, e-commerce store, or blog. CMS Development Services Our CMS developers are highly proficient in building and customizing CMS solutions for all types of industries. Whether you’re looking for a custom CMS platform like Joomla or WordPress, our talented team of developers can deliver exactly what you need. CMS Integrations We integrate a wide variety of essential plugins, extensions, and tools within your existing CMS solutions and business systems for a more streamlined approach to your workflows, designed to maximize efficiency and boost your ROI. CMS Migration Along with updating and redesigning your website, we’ll perform a website migration to improve website loading speed, move away from outdated platforms, utilize HTTPS protocols, and allow your website to handle larger amounts of traffic. CMS Plugin Development Whether you’re looking for drag-and-drop buttons, customizable themes, or integrated SEO-boosting modules, our CMS experts can develop and implement several effective plugins to enable you to add new features and make changes at any time. CMS Support & Maintenance Our team of dedicated CMS programmers performs performance tuning, CMS architecture, caching, testing, SEO, and database query optimization to offer temporary support and maintenance of your custom CMS solution, website, or application.

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Creative Design Solution

The key to developing a successful app is to match functionality with an intuitive and easy-to-use design. A desktop, mobile or web application we develop is simple and solves very specific business problems at the same time. Information Architecture Design Our developers use industry-leading tools to construct new content management lifecycles, content models, and robust Document Information Typing Architecture (DITA) all while streamlining an organic process flow for conversion rate optimization (CRO). User Interface (UI) Development Our UI/UX designers are experts in graphic libraries, including OpenGL and WebGL. We collaborate with your stakeholders and IT team to develop a style (including color palettes, logo designs and layouts) that harmonizes with your company culture.

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